A Look Toward 2019

Since we first announced the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids game earlier this year, we have been so excited at the positive response we’ve received from the fans. This fall, we opened up the game to ten early testers who provided us with fantastic feedback about what they enjoyed and what more they wanted in the game. Now we are taking it to all of you, the GPK Community.

Each month, we will be asking you— GPK fans and followers— to share your preferences on characters, graphics, features, effects, and much more, to help guide our game development. Watch our Facebook page and the monthly GPK newsletter for these polls.

A lot of you have asked when the game will be available worldwide and we are currently looking toward Q2 of 2019. Our highest priority is to honor the GPK brand, fandom, and heritage so when we release it will be the game GPK fans have always wanted.

Want to get started? Head over to our Facebook page right now and tell us which character pack you’d want to open first.